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Invictus Apolo: CORDURA® and soft-shell short motorcycle jacket


Short motorcycle jacket with CORDURA® in impact zoe and soft-shell fabric on the chest and back. Rated protections and removable thermal lining.

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Invictus Apolo: CORDURA® and soft-shell short motorcycle jacket

Invictus Apollo is a short motorcycle jacket, which combines the gentle fabric of soft-shell with the durable CORDURA® in impact areas. This creates a comfortable and versatile jacket. Perfect for on-road or even urban motorists.

Technical Characteristics

  • Rated protections in elbows
  • Rated protections in shoulders
  • 2 zippered outer pockets
  • 2 Interior pockets
  • Removable thermal liner

Have doubts about the size? You can consult our size guide or visit our points of sales that you can see here

Invictus Apolo is very innovative short motorcycle jacket. It includes, on the one hand, the innovative soft-shell fabric windbreaker. It is much softer than a traditional CORDURA® but resists water and cold very well. However in the areas of impact we have put CORDURA® to ensure safety in case of impact

All Invictus motorcycle jackets include ECE-rated protections. In the case of this short motorcycle jacket we include shoulder and elbow protection. They are up to code and are flexible and resistant. Safety first.

The jacket is all-season, that is, you can wear it both in summer and winter, thanks to its removable thermal lining.

If you are hesitant to buy, do not worry! Our return policy is clear and if you do not like it, you send it back to us and we will refund your money. 100% satisfaction.

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