Invictus works with front-line materials, seeking to offer the greatest possible comfort to the driver. For this, we are based on 3 elements. A first layer of water and wind resistant material protects us from inclement weather. Also, this layer has an extreme hardness that protects us from abrasion. Secondly we have a layer of breathable material that provides an additional degree of comfort. Finally a soft thermal lining allows us to withstand extremely low temperatures.




The outer layer consists of fibers extremely resistant to abrasion, reason why it resists the friction against the ground at unusually high speeds. Also, the properties of this material allow to move with total freedom, so that any movement can be realized quickly.



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On the other hand, the outer layer prevents water droplets from being passed on, being appreciably more useful than other tissues that either do not transpire or allow water to penetrate. These fabrics have gone through complex manufacturing controls and there are very few factories in the world with the technology capable of manufacturing them.








The last layer is a fabric of Mayan of last generation that allows to maintain the body temperature releasing the humidity produced by our body.







All Invictus garments have CE approved protectors that provide protection against impact in the event of an accident. The elastic properties of the materials that make up these small but vital pieces prevent the most sensitive parts of our body from suffering.


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