Invictus Kaleshi: CORDURA® woman’s motorcycle jacket with air vents


CORDURA® woman’s motorcycle jacket with removable lining, air vents and reflective material.


Invictus Kaleshi is a CORDURA® woman’s motorcycle jacket, which includes rated protections and air vents for comfort. The inner liner is removable and the outer layer has reflective parts to increase visibility.


  • Jacket made of CORDURA®
  • Air vents
  • Detachable inner lining.
  • Shoulder Protection
  • Elbow Protection
  • Reflective

If you are search for a contemporary and modern CORDURA® woman’s motorcycle jacket, you will love Invictus Kaleshi. The design is very current and trendy with the addition of special fluorescent colors. Fluorescent is not only for fashion, it is for safety. We have also equipped the jacket with reflective fabric to make it more visible at night.

The Invictus Kaleshi CORDURA® woman’s motorcycle jacket has ECE-rated protctions. This is very important when riding a motorcycle. All motorists know that protection is essential, so at Invictus we develop all our clothes with your safety in mind. In the case of the Invictus Kaleshi woman’s motorcycle jacket these protections are not only resistant but are flexible and comfortable.

The Invictus Kaleshi CORDURA® woman’s motorcycle jacket is considered all-season, that is, it can be worn year round thanks to its removable thermal lining.

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CORDURA® woman's motorcycle jacket


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