Invictus Arya: Soft-shell fabric woman’s black motorcycle jacket.


Woman’s soft-shell motorcycle jacket, water and wind resistant, black color, with shoulder and elbow protection.

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Invictus Arya is a woman’s motorcycle jacket, perfect for both urban and on road use. It has two air vents in the shoulders and its fabric is resistant to the wind and the water as well as being very elastic. It is a jacket of a neutral design: discreet but elegant.

Technical Characteristics

  • Soft-shell fabric resistant to water and wind.
  • Two air vents
  • Elbow Protection
  • Shoulder Protection

The Invictus Arya woman’s motorcycle jacket is perfect for all kinds of uses. It is made of an innovative soft-shell material, mountain windbreaker style. This type of fabric is resistant to inclement weather, making it perfect for a motorcycle jacket.

In the case of this woman’s motorcycle jacket, the style is modern and contemporary, perfect for carrying both in town and en route.

The Invictus Arya woman’s motorcycle jacket has front and rear air vents. This way we can cool off in the summer.

All Invictus motorcycle jackets, both woman’s and man’s, includes ECE-rated protections. The Invictus Arya jacket motorcycle protections are top quality, sturdy yet flexible.

If you are thinking of buying or gifting a motorcycle jacket for a woman, Invictus Arya is perfect. You can buy it online with the first free size change or visit any of our Invictus store

In case you are looking for a more abrasion resistant fabric than the soft-shell you can see our other model of woman’s motorcycle jacket Invictus Kaleshi

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On motorbikes do not forget, safety comes first! Equip yourself with proven guaranteed products!

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